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There are a number of fine studies dealing with the biblical material on worship (referenced elsewhere in this book), to which this author and many others are indebted. Some of the distinctives of the present treatment include:

  1. The consistent emphasis throughout the work on the pervasive Revelation and Response paradigm of Scripture and its foundational significance for worship

  2. The development in depth of the crucial theme of Jesus Christ as the true leader of our worship (the topic of a previous book of mine, Proclamation and Praise: Hebrews 2:12 and the Christology of Worship [Wipf & Stock, 2007])

  3. The focus on missions and worship, including a look at the new and developing field of ethnodoxology (drawing upon my involvement in that movement)

  4. The concluding synthesis of twelve Biblical Principles of Worship distilled from the inductive study, and the emphasis on their application to personal and corporate worship

  5. The perspective brought from being a church worship leader for more than forty years, as well as a student and teacher of worship on the academic level

  6. A more extensive treatment of the New Testament material than in some other works of the sort

  7. The marshaling of quotations from a wide array of authors, adding richness and depth to the treatment of the topics covered

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